Foshan Sen Extension Auto Accessories Co., Ltd
Responsible person: Kary.Tang
Position: Sales Manager
Mobile: 18666374325
Fax: 0757-8551720
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Company Profile

    Established in 2011, Foshan SenTuo Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a new fast-growing automotive exterior parts manufacturing company, which specializes in SUV high-end boarding pedal, which integrates R & D, production and sales. Thinktop as a cutting-edge high-end car modified brand, fully embody the external decoration personalized design value, the pursuit of each piece, are feast for the eyes, showing the classic, enjoy the luxury toes.

   Companies in the talent-based, team operations for the policy to common development proud to contribute to the community as the subject of the four major directions, professional professional team style, for different customers with accurate products in place for different partners Provide, fit the actual technical training and support, market operation plan and guidance, sales success stories sharing and market resource sharing, solve problems together.

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